Its a Lonely Planet Video and eating BANH MI with Bourdain

14 days till the September 1 deadline to register for the SalaamGarage trip to Vietnam January 11-23, 2010. We will be in Hanoi and the Quang Tri province in central Vietnam with NGO Peacetrees Vietnam. Quang Tri province is the region that saw the most fighting during the war and is now, slowly, still recovering from the bombs, landmines, deforestation, and village destruction. Vietnam’s people, food, cultures, and landscape have us excited to travel there. As Americans, we feel called to create stories that will help Peacetrees Vietnam repair the devastation from the Vietnam War.
I am also really into the food and have been eating Vietnamese pho (beef soup) since high school in the Washington DC suburbs and now lots of Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) all around NYC. Here is a great video of Anthony Bourdain getting his Banh Mi on the Travel Channel’s No Reservations:

-Maggie Soladay

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