Four Men Severely Injured by Bomb near Khe Sahn, Vietnam

Last month, January 2010, Amanda Koster and the rest of the SalaamGarage team visited Khe Sanh to experience first hand the work of NGO Peacetrees Vietnam.  While there, they learned about UXOs (unexploded ordnance) left from the Vietnam War and the dangers they cause to the local farmers and their families still today.

Unfortunately the event they fear most happened again this week.  Four men who were weeding at a coffee plantation near the former US military base at Khe Sahn were seriously injured Sunday Feb. 7, 2010 when they accidently detonated a hidden bomb. reported, “‘My hoe hit the bomb while I was removing weeds from around a coffee tree,’ Chung said. ‘My cousins were all behind me. I don’t know what the ordnance was.’ Chung said he was in severe pain because all four of his limbs were badly injured. The explosion severed his right hand’s thumb and index finger. Open wounds could be seen on his left thigh and shin, and his right foot was badly injured.

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photos by Amanda Koster, 2010


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