Glimpse Correspondents Program

By Julie Schwietert originally published at Matador Glimpse Correspondents Program Opens for Spring 2011 Applications.

The Glimpse Correspondents program, run by Matador and supported, in part, by National Geographic, supports travel writers and photographers by awarding a cash stipend and editorial guidance for their work. Glimpse also provides an online platform for expanding the Correspondents’ audience.

Glimpse editor-in-chief, Sarah Menkedick, said more than 700 applications were received for the Fall 2010 Correspondents program, and she expects many more for the Spring 2011 cycle, as Matador has decided to lift the age limit. Formerly capped at 36, anyone over 18 can now apply for the Correspondents program.

The deadline for applications is November 28, 2010. You can learn more about the program and submit your application materials on the Glimpse site.

Community Connection: One way to get an idea of what we’re looking for when we review applications is by reading current Correspondents’ stories and viewing their work. Visit the Glimpse site to see both.

From Glimpse: The Glimpse Correspondents Program is for talented writers and photographers with a passion for storytelling and a knack for finding truly unique stories. The program is open to anyone who will be working, volunteering, or studying outside of their home country for at least 10 weeks. Correspondents receive the following benefits:
* $600 stipend
* Support from a team of professional editors
* Career training in writing and photography
* Guaranteed publication on and Matador Network

Tip: To get helpful tips on what Glimpse looks for in an application, become a Glimpse Facebook fan.

In addition to the general Correspondents Program, Glimpse is also offering a specialized position in Spring 2011: the Glimpse/HTH Worldwide Health Correspondent. To learn more, click here.