Guatemala, Don’t you want to make a difference?

photo by Rolf Cosar

Yesterday the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala erupted. Popular TV journalist Anibal Achila was killed by volcanic rocks, about 1,700 people have been displaced, and 3 children are missing.

In less than two months, a SalaamGarage team made up of a select group of citizen journalists (professional and amateur photographers, videographers, bloggers, etc) embark on an exclusive trip to the remote Ixil Triangle in Guatemala.  We are collaborating with NGO Agros International.  Agros provides economic stability and empowerment for farmers and families through land ownership.  The SalaamGarage team will have exclusive access to remote villages where we will create independent projects about the stories unfolding within. Those stories will raise awareness and increase support for Agros’ efforts throughout Central America.

There is 1 spot available for a media maker with the calling to make a big difference for oft neglected and under-served communities of Mayans and other indigenous people in rural Guatemala.  Although the deposit deadline has passed, it is not too late to get onboard. You must email asap if you are interested.

Guatemalans always seem to be rebuilding. They have emerged from a 36 year civil war, recovered from landslides, and volcanic eruptions from one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Our stories will help with whatever the aftermath of yesterday’s eruption will be on the already struggling population.

Shot in Guatemala this last July, Noemi and her Mother explain why land ownership has changed their lives in this video:

In addition to visiting villages, we will be exploring the churches and ruins of Antigua, climbing volcano Pacaya if it is safe, observing ancient Mayan rituals in practice at the Chichicastenango market, and staying in “Guatemala’s most magical hotel” on Lake Atitlan.  This is going to be a life changing trip and project.  SalaamGarage founder and internationally renowned documentary photographer Amanda Koster is leading this trip.

SalaamGarage will award the $300 Engage!Refund to 2 Guatemala trip participants who create and follow through on a plan of action utilizing their media production skills to support Agros villages.

All SalaamGarage participants get:
-A SalaamGarage “stories” site. is a media share site for those looking to organize and share media gathered during their trip. It works just like a wordpress blog but you get the broader audience.  An example is here:
-Refer-a-friend $200 discount on your next trip.
-All past travelers automatically receive a $200 discount
-Free Blurb book, click here for more BLURB partnership info
-Special fund raising support and opportunities exclusive to SalaamGarage participants

Pacaya Volcano on a gentler day

Join us in creating media projects and raising awareness about Agros International’s unique land-lending model that is empowering rural families to pull themselves out of poverty.

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