New partnership with BLURB!

This is a great week. Blurb and SalaamGarage began an official partnership. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blurb, the company has revolutionized the way people can self-publish books of their work be it photographs, illustrations, words, etc.

Let me back up. Our India09 travelers self published a book “India as witnessed by 10 citizen journalists” using Blurb.  They rounded up photos and some very powerful personal stories, got it together and published a book!  Proceeds from the book will support the work of Vatsalya, the SalaamGarage NGO partner in India.

From there, we realized Blurb would make a great partner. Our participants always produce amazing content, and the content is ultimately for the greater good: inspiring stories of social entrepreneurs around the world. Each story is more compelling than the next.

What company doesn’t want to be associated with powerful content and inspiring stories? None.

So, through a few contacts and a Facebook call-out borne was an e-intro between myself and Blurb. From there, Blurb and I talked about what made sense for both of our organizations and a partnership was born.  And this is a really sweet relationship, here is the gist of it:

All SalaamGarage travelers will receive a coupon for a free book of their own content created on their SalaamGarage trip. The coupon is roughly the cost of a standard landscape hardcover book with up to 120 pages. In addition, Blurb will provide another coupon code for 20% off future books. Each participant can use the coupon up to five times!

In addition, for each trip, Blurb will sponsor and contract a Blurb+SalaamGarage specific designer for the creation of a book, combining all participants work. The book will be available through the Blurb bookstore and all proceeds go to the non-profit.

And if that doesn’t excite you enough, Blurb will feature the SalaamGarage project books in their bookstore, and will feature books created by the individual journalists!

And the cherry on top, Blurb will also feature any SalaamGarage book projects on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, and take copies of the books with us when we attend events where it’s appropriate. (They said their CEO was at a TED conference in February, and definitely would have taken one if they’d had it!)

And last, Blurb will also feature the project books and interviews with myself and people who attended the SalaamGarage trips on their blog:

This is awesome to say the least and we are all very excited and grateful.  All of this is included when you travel with SalaamGarage. Seriously, now is the time to jump on. Trips are filling, more partnerships are on the horizon and more press is underway. Shabam.

This new partnership begins with our upcoming Guatemala trip, and we have 2 spots left. Want to get published, work with amazing photographers, have your work featured in the Blurb worldwide ecosystem? I’ve been working as a photographer for 15 years and never found an opportunity like this when building my career and self: rare access to social entrepreneurship, innovative, native projects, amazing fellow travelers, solid mentorship on how to let your work out here, and now, guaranteed way to be published and publicized.

2 spots left for Guatemala, and Ethiopia trip now booking. Are you ready to take the leap and truly make a difference? Join us.

Cheers, Amanda

Buy the BOOK and help Vatsalya:

  • Paul Swortz

    Perfect match! Congratulations!