CAUSEVOX: Your Story Starts Here

(Rerouted from our amazing friends at TBD. You need to know about them)

From LIVESTRONG to charity:water, the best nonprofits let their supporters become part of their story. But while lots of new nonprofits are great at fieldwork, few have the tech or tale-telling abilities to instantly grab their audience’s attention.

CauseVox creates custom public support and online fundraising pages that are beautiful and simple. Nonprofits can keep their own branding and design, seamlessly integrating CauseVox into their own main site and identity. The pages even allow supporters to weave their own story into the mix, personalizing their connection to the causes they love – kinda like the Tumblr of online fundraising. The best part: its easy-to-use platform is made specifically for non-techies, giving customers more time to do what they do best – changing the world.

CauseVox is offering 6 months of free services for TBD readers and friends – just sign up for notification of the public launch (which is set for January 24th — get to it before then!) and enter code “TBD.” Social good just got a lot more user-friendly.