Eduardo Sciammarella: India 2009

Eduardo Sciammarella: One of the most profound moments of the trip for me occurred while visiting the rural village of Shampura outside Jaipur. I interviewed a woman named Santosh Kanwar. She’s 26 with four little ones-Anshuman, Radha, Deepika, and Abnishiek. She touched me deeply as it gets when she answered my question, “What has been the biggest change for you since you joined the women’s self-help group?” She said that she had finally learned the first names of all the women in her village. Up until then, they had only known each other as so-and-so’s wife. Step one on the path to independence-identity.

India 2009: Eduardo Sciammarella

Eduardo Sciammarella is a social entrepreneur and photographer. He is currently CEO and Co-founder of GatherGreen – a daily deal site featuring local sustainable businesses. Eduardo attended the Institute of Design where he studied photography and industrial design. For over ten years Eduardo was one of Sony’s elite designers working on advanced concepts in both product and interaction design. He is the inventor of over 40 patents and winner of several international design awards. In 2004 Eduardo established Protohaus – a design innovation consultancy – clients include Apple, Disney, Microsoft, Nokia, Samasung, and Sony.

Eduardo is a strong believer in citizen journalism. His first experience with citizen journalism was with SalaamGarage, he says, “We need to re-imagine documentary storytelling by traveling and listening to how others struggle to live on our planet today. It’s vital that we gift these stories to our friends and family.” Eduardo traveled with SalaamGarage to India in 2009.

Eduardo will lead the SalaamGarage 2012 trip to Ecuador!
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