Amanda Koster:Guatemala 2010

Guatemala suffered more than 36 years of internal conflict (Guatemala Civil War 1960-1996), which formally ended with the signing of the Peace Accords at the end of 1996. Boxboles originated from the time indigenous Mayan peoples spent in hiding during that conflict. Tortillas were too risky to make—the slapping sounds could have given away their hiding places in the mountains. Boxboles are made without slapping dough, so they were a safer food to eat. After the conflict, the families have continued to eat them both in everyday and special occasions.

Guatemala 2010: Amanda Koster – Images by Amanda Koster

Amanda Koster

Amanda Koster is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose commercial and personal work has shown a consistent commitment to telling stories of real people, human rights, cultural diversity and global equality. She combines her anthropology background with multi-media skills to create content as a means for powerful communication and storytelling.


SalaamGarage is a digital storytelling organization that partners with International NGOs and local non-profits.

Participants (amateur and professional photographers, writers, videographers, etc.) connect with international NGOs, create and share independent media projects that raise awareness and cause positive change in their online and offline social communities.

We partner with grass roots, forward thinking organizations. Through our trips, one experiences rare access to the work of social entrepreneurs that would otherwise go unreported, while engaging with local communities on an entirely new level.

Our teams of traveling media makers publish their SalaamGarage projects in magazines, books and newspapers. They get the word out when they produce gallery exhibitions, write blogs, give presentations, organize fundraisers, and more. Our teams participate on-the-ground as creative global citizens, communicators, and change makers.

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