Christina Cummings:Guatemala 2010

Partnering with Agros in 2001, these families from Nebaj survived the 36-year long civil war in Guatemala that primarily impacted rural indigenous families.

Guatemala 2010: Christina Cummings – Images by Christina Cummings

Christina Cummings is Program Liaison for Agros International, a Seattle-based nonprofit working to break the cycle of poverty for rural farming families in Central America and Mexico through land ownership. Christina has been with Agros for over four years, working directly with field staff from all five countries to strengthen program implementation and provide information from the field to Agros’ diverse constituencies.
Christina is fluent in Spanish, having lived in Spain during college and volunteered with Spanish-speaking refugee families while living in her hometown of Atlanta. She has traveled throughout Central America and Mexico with Agros. In her free time, Christina enjoys gardening, cooking, swing dancing, biking, and exploring the Northwest.

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