Jody Steere:Guatemala 2010

“Our camera lenses couldn’t capture all the hard work we were privy to witnessing, but it captured some of their natural beauty, their laughter, and their colorful traditions.”

Guatemala 2010: Jodi Steere – Images by Jody Steere

Jody Steere

Jody Steere, a homemaker, mother, and sports photographer was particularly attracted to the possibility of bringing her love of photography, travelling, and education together in a single event. She reflects, “the concept of people coming home and sharing what they’ve learned, from any angle or avenue, makes it that much more exciting.”
Jody is equally excited to join SalaamGarage as a granddaughter/ grandmother team, with her 83- year old “Grandma Phebe.” In the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally, Jody would love to create a multimedia educational opportunity for the children of the Seattle/Bellevue area based on her observations and experiences with the people of Guatemala.

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