Mira Zaki:Guatemala 2010

“My trip to Guatemala with SalaamGarage was one of the most incredible trips of the 21 countries I’ve visited and of the 31 years of my life so far!”

Guatemala 2010: Mira Zaki – Images by Mira Zaki

Mira Zaki

Mira Zaki is a New York City -based photographer. Educated at the Brooks Institute of Photography, she brings expertise and professionalism to the field of documentary and travel photography. Due to her upbringing with an Egyptian-American family in Seattle and Southern California, she has been infused with a rich appreciation of multicultural food exploration. 15 years in the photography business have prepared her to make a positive impact through storytelling and publishing less-publicized stories, such as the indigenous Mayans of Guatemala.
Her work appears at www.mirazaki.com, and she blogs at mirazaki.blogspot.com.

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