Sam Lee:Guatemala 2010

“The big hopes and dreams of the Ixil people we met are just like many of ours: better futures for their children. An important component of this is the ability to support their children’s education.”

Guatemala 2010: Sam Lee – Images by Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a veteran in software and internet industry, from “baby-sitting” computers and websites to crunching numbers and identifying what the customers want. He is inspired to bring about sustainable social change, and has been exploring how to make use of his analytical training, inborn intuition, and interests in photography to help to this end.
With the trip to Guatemala, Sam was able to observe and document the lives of indigenous people first- hand, helping him to clarify his focus in bringing social changes.
As a recreational fútbol player, Sam was glad to play a pickup game with some of the children in Guatemala and reports that the kids’ footwork was miles ahead of his own!

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