Lisa Field-Elliot:Vatsalya Women’s Clinic

The more open and willing I am to fully immerse in the new, the more I am gifted with the reminder that, at the bottom of things, I am everything and everywhere. The illusion of separation is busted. Freedom is found. And I am able to understand, in a visceral and tangible way, that we really are all the same. Salaam Garage India 2009 was a powerful lesson in how our stories collide in an instant and we are reflected in all that we meet. I am beyond grateful for the doorways opened on that trip, the truth seen in eyes and heard in words spoken. I believe, wholly, that these images and stories have the potential to expand for the better both the lives of those visited, who were brave enough to allow themselves to be seen, and those fortunate enough to witness and respond.

India 2009:Lisa Field-Elliot

Lisa Field-Elliot is a photographer and writer who seeks travel, beauty, and connection. Anytime. Anywhere. She shares her experiences in words and images at, with the hopes of inspiring you to look for the next doorway to greater freedom in your own life. | twitter @doorwaystravelr

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