Ponzi Black: Village Life in Ethiopia

Living without clean water, electricity, medical care, or transportation, as 80% of Ethiopia’s population does, is a hard life. It also fosters community sharing, love for one’s neighbor, and a genuine closeness among the people. Technologically-adept city natives should take lessons on social graces from those that live rurally. Many a time, I thought of the sweetness and caring they showed one another and was touched. I am reminded of how far we have gone “within” ourselves as a nation, in the U.S., and away from personal contact.

Ponzi Black – Village Life in Ethiopia – Images by Ponzi Black

Ponzi Black

Ponzi Black is a media producer and tech innovator. Ponzi’s name at birth was Latthanapon Indharasophang, and her talents are as diverse as the letters in that name. Ponzi’s expertise is in mortgage banking, but her heart is in the arts. Her secret desire is to take a year or two and travel around the world. She prizes nothing more than experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. This is Ponzi’s second trip with SalaamGarage!

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