Ponzi Parillo: India 2009

My  memories of India include vignettes of beauty, romance, living history, intrigue, and stark reality. Vatsalya has changed my views on what an NGO should be. It’s more than an organization that helps people. They are a family who believe in wholeness in their care of people. The leaders have made this their life’s mission and their fingerprint of love is evident in all respects.

Udayan is a home that will always be a place of constant consistent love and acceptance no matter the circumstances. Isn’t that what we all long for and need more than anything?

The reciprocal nature of the people who are touched by Vatsalya is contagious and it’s evident from those who lead there today.

My heart goes out to those working hard for a better tomorrow for all. My love goes to Vatsalya and the children of Udayan, my respect goes out to Jaimala and Hitesh. To know them is a great privilege, their commitment to causes greater than themselves has shown me what sacrifice, hard work and vision can produce.

India 2009: Ponzi Parillo

Ponzi’s given name is Latthanapon Indharasophang. She is a media producer and tech innovator with expertises in mortgage banking, but her heart is in the arts. Her secret desire is to take a year or two and travel around the world. She prizes nothing more than experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.

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