Sarah Henderson: Women of Wax and Gold

Sarah Henderson-Women of Wax and Gold – Images by Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson focuses her camera and producing skills on global issues of our time: humanity, sustainability, travel, art, and culture. An internationally published photographer, her work for magazines such as Delta SKY, Wallpaper, Edible Portland, Alaska Airlines, Paste, and Zink has opened her eyes and heart to combine travel photography with relevant stories that hopefully contribute to a better world.
When possible, Sarah enjoys partaking in fine art shows at venues such as Newspace, photoblogging on modern art culture for and contributing to boutique photo agency based out of Europe, Her passion for photography has expanded into the motion picture realm as a producer, creative director, and director of photography for documentaries dealing with lifestyle, sports, and environment. This new paradigm even applies to her corporate clients from Nike and Intel to Red Bull, from a world class Olympic runner fighting to preserve water quality, to scientists working to improve breast cancer screening methods, to extreme sports athletes giving back to the endangered environments where they ride. Sarah is excited to marry her passion for photography with cross-cultural issues to do more “good” for others more often. She sees the SalaamGarage trip as an opportunity to give, learn, and share with other talented visual storytellers of our time—to embark upon journeys greater than ourselves. To collaborate with people in the name of causes beyond our own noses is a very good and essential thing.