Brittny Updates & House Hunting

Brittny in her new winter coat, it fits perfectly

A few weeks ago we asked you to help us raise money for Brittny Boden, a 24 year old we profiled in our Aging out of Foster Care project. Brittny was in danger of becoming homeless when the rent on her subsidized apartment went up past market value. You came through for her, pitching in $2649 to date! Thanks to you, she now has the money for bills, groceries, and the ability to put a deposit on an affordable apartment in a better neighborhood.  Just in time too – there was a fatal shooting right next door to her apartment in Hempstead, NY, the third shooting in one week on her block.

Brittney received some good news this week. Tuesday December 11, 2012 was Brittny’s first day at her new job at Catholic Charities, and she received notice that she passed the New York State Child Protective Service exam!

Brittny’s immediate needs are taken care of for the month, but we’d like her to be able to make a great impression at her new job. She could use new work appropriate clothing. We’re so proud of how far she’s come, and we would really love to give her this last little gift to help her transition to her new life.

Thanks again for all your help! donate this week.

Special thanks to One Simple Wish, an organization that grants simple wishes to foster kids. They have offered to subsidize her expensive commute for a month. More special thanks to author Lauren Barnholdt for her substantial contribution. Follow them on Twitter @LaurenBarnholdt and @OneSimpleWish