Seattle AWC Chapter: Multi-Media Exhibition Kickstarter Campaign!

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Seattle AWC Chapter: Multi-Media Exhibition Kickstarter Campaign!

Posted: 14 Apr, 2014

Seattle AWC Chapter member Amanda Koster is a force behind a major effort to raise awareness of what foster “kids” face when they age out of the foster-care system. Amanda has launched a Kickstarter campaign for “The Long Road Home, Aging Out of Foster Care,” a multi-media exhibition at The Art Institute (May 1 – June 18).

Amanda is the founder of SalaamGarage, which works with artists, media producers, and entrepreneurs to tell stories of people’s lives that aren’t always heard. Amanda’s Kickstarter campaign page states, “Our goal is for individuals who have aged out to experience these stories and see that they are not alone, and to inspire communities to engage in social documentary projects in their own back yard.”

As Founder and Executive Producer Amanda has recruited, built and led a team of about 25 volunteer media makers and producers over two years to date. The project involved building relationships and trust with four local Foster Care agencies in Seattle, which provided access to adults who have aged out.

About SalaamGarage, Amanda says, “We are media makers who build relationships with nonprofits and the courageous individuals they serve. From there we create and share independent media projects that raise awareness and initiate positive change engaging social communities on- and off-line. Our projects have been presented at TEDx, Ignite, Microsoft, South by Southwest, Web 2.0, SPE, The Huffington Post, Seattle PI and many other media outlets.”

Here is the link to the Kickstarter:

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