WOW! YOU ROCK! Thank you for a swift 50%!

Hi Friends!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We launched a Kickstarter for our exhibition “A Long Road Home: Aging out of Foster Care,” May-June 2014 in Seattle.

And….wow, after 2 days we are ~50% there! So, that means we need the other 50%. Would you participate and help us out?

I just got back from the DENT 2014 conference where this amazing community and my geek-let’s-change-the-world family really supported this project from the start. THANK YOU DENT-ERS! For backers who have supported “A Long Road Home” who know us via other avenues thank you so much! I wish you all could see the tear in my eye, feel the thump in my heart and give you all a bear hug.

We are so very grateful and this just motivates us to work harder. On behalf of the SalaamGarage team (media makers, participants, sponsors): thank you. 

Love, Amanda and SalaamGarage

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  1. You have been well and truly blessed. All the best!

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