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Jaipur, India

Founded in 2001, Vatsalya’s mission is to “convert social and economic liabilities into social and economic assets.”  In addition to running Udayan Home for Children, they work with poor youth & women.  Some of those programs include women’s self help and livelihood intervention, several HIV/AIDS health and prevention clinics for truck drivers, a health clinic for female sex workers, and slum outreach projects.  Here is a chart of Vatsalya’s expenses to better aid donation decisions.
Vatsalya supporters Delta and Dan established Namaste India Children’s Fund to enable tax deductible donations to Vatsalya from the United States.

Donate to Vatsalya via Paypal through NICF, click  here

Agros International

Central America and Mexico. Based in Seattle, WA

Founded in 1982, Agros International is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for rural families in Central America and Mexico by enabling landless communities to achieve land ownership and economic stability.  There are two ways to support Agros.

Donate directly to Agros, click here
Give a gift from the One Seed Cataogue, click here. $20 at One Seed Catalogue buys a can of worms for a farmer!

Peacetrees Vietnam

Quang Tri Provence, Central Vietnam. Based in Seattle, WA

PeaceTrees Vietnam was founded in 1995 to clear all landmines and UXOs from the school yards, fields, and forests of the region.  In Quang Tri Province, a child is killed or maimed nearly once a week by landmines and unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam war.

Donate to Peacetress Vietnams, click here and sponsor mine clearance and victim assistance efforts in Quang Tri Province.

Hamlin Fistula Hospital Foundation

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Founded in 1974, the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital provides care for women’s obstetric fistulas which is the most devastating of all childbirth injuries. The Hospital has a success/cure rate of over 90%. They aim to be the world leader in training and research for the treatment, care, & prevention of obstetric fistula.

Donate, purchase gifts, make tribute donations, memorial gifts and more, click here to help eradicate Fistula worldwide.  A donation of $125 receives this silver bracelet with the word “dignity” Amharic and English writing.

The Next Generation Center (part of Children’s Aid Society)

The South Bronx, NY, USA

The Next Generation Center (NGC), opened in 2006 as a community center designed to meet the needs of young people transitioning to adulthood and self-sufficiency.  The center has a special focus on youth as the age out of they foster care system and transition out of the juvenile justice system.

To help NGC please stay tuned or contact

The Mountain Institute

The Mountain Institute

Washington D.C., USA

Although awareness of the global importance of mountains is growing, mountain issues still tend to be diminished because, to the average person, mountains seem deceptively strong. They are not; they are extremely vulnerable. Mountain ecosystems are some of the first in the world to experience the effects of climate change. One of the most conspicuous changes has been the declining availability of water, which, among other problems, inhibits food and electricity production. The mountain institute empowers communities that call mountains home in Asia, North America, and South America.

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