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In October 2010 I traveled to Ethiopia withSalaamGarage to profile the childbirth injury of Obstetric Fistula. I was touched by the stories that I heard at Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa and by the Ethiopians whom I met. I wondered what solutions might be possible for the women with the saddest stories, especially those whose fistula repair surgeries were not successful. These women have little hope for a viable future.

Travel to Ethiopia this October, witness the challenges of women’s reproductive health

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Our journey to Ethiopia will take you straight into the heart of its people, and most notably its women. Like many other parts of the world, rural women in Ethiopia struggle with heavy burdens and lack of access to basic medical care, education, and financial independence.

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My name is Kristie McLean and I traveled with SalaamGarage to Ethiopia six months ago. For me, one of the biggest attractions to SalaamGarage is its focus on raising awareness of social issues and challenging travelers to ACT (rather than just documenting the status quo) to bring about positive change. I am always on the […]

Ponzi Black: Village Life in Ethiopia

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Living without clean water, electricity, medical care, or transportation, as 80% of Ethiopia’s population does, is a hard life. It also fosters community sharing, love for one’s neighbor, and a genuine closeness among the people. Technologically-adept city natives should take lessons on social graces from those that live rurally. Many a time, I thought of the sweetness and caring they showed one another and was touched. I am reminded of how far we have gone “within” ourselves as a nation, in the U.S., and away from personal contact.