Guatemala 2010

Amanda Koster:Guatemala 2010


Boxboles originated from the time indigenous Mayan peoples spent in hiding during that conflict. Tortillas were too risky to make—the slapping sounds could have given away their hiding places in the mountains.

Jody Steere:Guatemala 2010


“Our camera lenses couldn’t capture all the hard work we were privy to witnessing, but it captured some of their natural beauty, their laughter, and their colorful traditions.”

Mira Zaki:Guatemala 2010


“My trip to Guatemala with SalaamGarage was one of the most incredible trips of the 21 countries I’ve visited and of the 31 years of my life so far!”

Patrick Lennox Wright:Guatemala 2010


Perseverance through learning and hard work leads to one common goal in all Agros villages we visited: to provide a home, an education, and land for every child.

Sam Lee:Guatemala 2010


The big hopes and dreams of the Ixil people we met are just like many of ours: better futures for their children. An important component of this is the ability to support their children’s education.

Christina Cummings:Guatemala 2010

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Partnering with Agros in 2001, these families from Nebaj survived the 36-year long civil war in Guatemala that primarily impacted rural indigenous families.

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Guatemala, Don’t you want to make a difference?

photo by Rolf Cosar

Yesterday the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala erupted. Popular TV journalist Anibal Achila was killed by volcanic rocks, about 1,700 people have been displaced, and 3 children are missing. In less than two months, a SalaamGarage team made up of a select group of citizen journalists (professional and amateur photographers, videographers, bloggers, etc) embark on an […]

GUATEMALA in T minus 3 months!


OMG, this is so exciting – our trip to the Ixil Triangle in Guatemala is just around the corner.  So far, we have an amazingly talented and diverse team of 4 citizen journalists that will be joining SG founder & internationally known photographer Amanda Koster this July!  For Jody, Great Phebe, Sam, and Mira – […]