Global Past Projects

Sarah Henderson: Women of Wax and Gold

Picture 415

Sarah Henderson-Women of Wax and Gold – Images by Sarah Henderson Sarah Henderson Sarah Henderson focuses her camera and producing skills on global issues of our time: humanity, sustainability, travel, art, and culture. An internationally published photographer, her work for magazines such as Delta SKY, Wallpaper, Edible Portland, Alaska Airlines, Paste, and Zink has opened […]

Sara Forrest: Recovering Hope

Recovering Hope

Healing Hands of Joy Healing Hands of Joy is a newly formed NGO which assists Ethiopian women who have suffered from childbirth injuries (mainly obstetric fistula) in reintegrating back into their communities. It was founded by Allison Shigo, who co-produced the Emmy award winning documentary on obstetric fistula (“A Walk to Beautiful”, 2007). The center […]

Jonathan Hanson: School For Midwives

School For Midwives

Jonathan Hanson: School for Midwives – Images by Jonathan Hanson Jonathan Hanson Jonathan Hanson has been based in Baltimore for the past three years after spending close to a year between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he worked for the Santa Fe Workshops. While in Mexico, he studied Spanish […]

The soil is very red here


(from Amanda Koster’s blog, while leading the SalaamGarage trip to Vietnam 1/2010) dong ha, vietnam. where i am sitting there ‘was’ a war going on. the soil is very red here. it has a hi iron content. there are bombs in this soil. explosives which are still killing people, maiming people, blinding people, etc. people […]