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SalaamGarage “Long Road Home” exhibits at the 220&Change building in Seattle: 7/3~ 9/1

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“SalaamGarage: Long Road Home” will exhibit at the 220&Change building in Seattle: 6/20~ 9/1

Book On SALE Now!

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Everybody Needs Someone, The Aging out of Foster Care Project Book is nearly sold out.  Order your copy today and help us afford a second run! You can order our book through paypal by selecting the Buy Now button below. The book is 94 pages, 9″x12″. Funds raised through the sale of the book will […]

How to record clear audio on a mobile phone


How to record clear audio on a mobile phone  Originally published on International Journalists’ Network 9/13/12 by Lindsay Kalter Mobile reporting skills are becoming a prerequisite for many journalism jobs and assignments. Reporters should know how to capture sound to use in web and broadcast reports, or to simply record interviews to transcribe into text later. While it’s simple […]

Via PDN: SalaamGarage-NYC Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Foster Care Project

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What happens to foster care children in New York City when they age-out of the system? The truth is that many are largely forgotten by the government, destined to end up in homeless shelters with nowhere to go and lacking the education or skills to provide for themselves. “I thought my life was over. I couldn’t […]

Ethiopian Midwives Photo Documentary Just Published

In November, 2010 I headed to Ethiopia to begin a photo documentary about midwives as a sustainable source of reproductive health care. Ethiopia has some of highest maternal and infant death rates in the world. On average, 670 mothers will die from birth for every 100,000. Women often face serious birth injuries, including obstetric fistula, […]

CAUSEVOX: Your Story Starts Here


(Rerouted from our amazing friends at TBD. You need to know about them) From LIVESTRONG to charity:water, the best nonprofits let their supporters become part of their story. But while lots of new nonprofits are great at fieldwork, few have the tech or tale-telling abilities to instantly grab their audience’s attention. CauseVox creates custom public support and online fundraising […]

How Kickstarter Got Me Started

JHanson Kickstarter

BY JONATHAN HANSON Amazing, is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the experience crowd sourcing has been for me.  I was very apprehensive at first. The thought of asking for money from friends, family and the general public was not something I wanted to do.  After giving it thought, I realized […]

Glimpse Correspondents Program

By Julie Schwietert originally published at Matador Glimpse Correspondents Program Opens for Spring 2011 Applications. The Glimpse Correspondents program, run by Matador and supported, in part, by National Geographic, supports travel writers and photographers by awarding a cash stipend and editorial guidance for their work. Glimpse also provides an online platform for expanding the Correspondents’ […]

New partnership with BLURB!

This is a great week. Blurb and SalaamGarage began an official partnership. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blurb, the company has revolutionized the way people can self-publish books of their work be it photographs, illustrations, words, etc. Let me back up. Our India09 travelers self published a book “India as witnessed by 10 citizen journalists” using Blurb.  They rounded up photos and some […]

Daysha Eaton and Janat Horn published in Vietnam

bomb-Landmine-024-10w Photographer Janat Horn and Journalist Daysha Eaton’s Vietnam landmines story published at Vietnamese English Language paper Thanh Nie News.  Congrats you two! Exerpt: 50-year-old Cuc lives in Dong Ha, just west of Hue. She has called the dusty town of less than twenty thousand people home for most of her life. She survived the […]

How I Pay for my Projects

amanda working in morocco thanks to her self-taught fundraising skills

by Amanda Koster, SalaamGarage founder from the original post on her personal blog passion. commitment. focus. talent. intuition. faith. trust. many people ask me ‘how do you make your projects happen?’ what people really want to know how on earth i fund them. well, with money of course. but that’s not the real question. anyone can […]

Get Funded


Apply for a Grant For the professional journalist, your best exposure and most support could come from applying for a grant. Center for Investigative Reporting Grants and Pulitzer Center Grants We talk about SalaamGarage team member Daysha Eaton and her grant application with Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and her fundraising efforts here. Spot.Us is […]

Hey Citizen Journalist, Get Published


Citizen Journalism Sites Opportunities to get your stories and projects published online are exploding just as traditional media outlets implode. CNN and Reuters Submit your stories to the citizen journalist components at major news outlets like and Reuters/YouWitness, are publishing photos, videos, and stories by ….anyone. CNN’s iReport “is a user-generated site. That means […], Create your own Digital Magazine

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An exciting new launch, one that promises a rebirth for the local paper and niche magazines. A July ’09 NYTimes story: A Quick Path to Magazine Editor and Publisher by Claire Cain Miller, is a brief delve into one of the many prospects for citizen journalism’s future. Claire Miller’s piece explores which is a […]

Get it Out! How to start a Blog or a Website

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You have projects to share and stories to tell. Getting started is hard and intimidating. This article might make it harder because there are so many choices. But I know you can do it. Start a Blog. Blogs can be linear and journal-like or they can act like a webpage for a single subject. You […]

Publish that Photography Project

Blue Earth Alliance

Favorite Places on the web for photography stories that matter: Blue Earth Alliance: They support and raise funds to get stories that matter told. Overlooked and under-reported issues from human rights to the environment. They accept project proposals 4 times a year. Collective Lens: “promotes social change with your photos. Upload a photo and help […]