SG/SEA Production Team

Stephanie Hansen: SalaamGarage/Local: Seattle Producer, Photographer and Arts Devotee 

In a roomy nut shell: Steph is always movin’ from point A to point.. let’s say Q. Her 9-5 is dedicated to life as a producer in design, branding, art and philanthropic projects. After hours are filled with more of the same plus a healthy dose of photography and learning to build community around the challenges we face in the world. For Steph the perfect day ends with friends and strangers alike around a dinner table rich with conversation. Cherry-on-top if she had the time to cook for the whole lot. Working with SaalamGarage infuses fuel into every avenue of her life.


Amanda Koster: SalaamGarage/Local: Seattle co-Producer, SalaamGarage founder.

Amanda Koster is the founder of SalaamGarage and an internationally acclaimed photographer whose commercial and personal work has shown a consistent commitment to telling stories of real people, human rights, cultural diversity and global equality. She combines her anthropology background with multi-media skills to create content as a means for powerful communication, storytelling and learning.

As a former unofficial foster kid herself, this project really hits home. She’s looking forward to the stories from her own backyard.

Twitter: @amandakoster and @salaamgarage
Public Speaking: Samara Lectures
Book: “Can I Come With You?”