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SalaamGarage “Long Road Home” exhibits at the 220&Change building in Seattle: 7/3~ 9/1

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“SalaamGarage: Long Road Home” will exhibit at the 220&Change building in Seattle: 6/20~ 9/1

Seattle AWC Chapter: Multi-Media Exhibition Kickstarter Campaign!

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“Our goal is for individuals who have aged out to experience these stories and see that they are not alone, and to inspire communities to engage in social documentary projects in their own back yard.”


WOW! We continue to be blessed by more gifts to help us pull off this important exhibition! We currently have 40 backers who have pledged a total of $3306 out of the $5500 we hope to raise. That means we are already 60% of the way toward our goal! OUR AWESOME KICKSTARTER!: Even though we are […]

WOW! YOU ROCK! Thank you for a swift 50%!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! We launched a Kickstarter for our exhibition “A Long Road Home: Aging out of Foster Care,” May-June 2014 in Seattle.

Summer Homes

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Written & Edited by: Kacie Grice & Christian Downes Photography by: Della Chen — For Summer Prescott, the definition of home is not one most of us would recognize. Without the familial compassion many of us take for granted, Summer attempted to find home–initially, within the framework of abandoned houses, with relatives, within the arms […]

PhotoServe Chats with SalaamGarage Founder Amanda Koster

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 11.07.26 AM talks with Amanda Koster, internationally acclaimed photographer and founder of the digital-storytelling, citizen-journalism organization for social change, SalaamGarage.

Samuel Martin: An Advocate Come of Age


Written by: Victoria Garcia Edited by: Christian Downes Interviews by: Henk Dawson & John Harrison Samuel Martin is a young man with a gracious manner, a warm smile, and a sly sense of humor. A recent graduate of the University of Washington, Samuel grew up in the Seattle foster care system. During his childhood, love, […]

Brendan: Changing the Patterns


Photos by Henk Dawson Story by Oliver Sharp “They moved me from one foster house to another every few weeks.  When I was eight, I was placed in what was supposed to be my permanent family.  It was right after that when my mother died of a heroin overdose.” Brendan is an outgoing college senior […]

Brook Burlando: This is My Home


By age 15 I had stumbled onto a genius trick. All I needed to say was that I wanted to kill myself and I’d be placed into a hospital. When I was a psych patient, I wasn’t a foster kid.

What’s in that box?


Ralph has a deep voice, a huge smile, and a gentle spirit. He is a kind and gracious man who commands your attention. Ralph wanted love and acceptance throughout his childhood. Nobody ever wanted Ralph.

Ralph’s story begins at age two when a social worker took him and his brother Sam away from their parents. They stayed in the homes of various friends and temporary families until he was four. His father came to visit them. His dad loved him. He still doesn’t understand why he could not go back to live with his parents, or why his Mom lost him and his brother to the court system.

Pieces: A story of Aging Out of Foster Care


Candace says her life has been like an earthquake. Picture everything shaking until great cracks appear and then widen into impassable chasms. Broken apart. This year is different, however. She says that right now, things are starting to be put back together.

How to record clear audio on a mobile phone


How to record clear audio on a mobile phone  Originally published on International Journalists’ Network 9/13/12 by Lindsay Kalter Mobile reporting skills are becoming a prerequisite for many journalism jobs and assignments. Reporters should know how to capture sound to use in web and broadcast reports, or to simply record interviews to transcribe into text later. While it’s simple […]

Ethiopia : At the Confluence of Intention, Resources, and Action


In October 2010 I traveled to Ethiopia withSalaamGarage to profile the childbirth injury of Obstetric Fistula. I was touched by the stories that I heard at Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa and by the Ethiopians whom I met. I wondered what solutions might be possible for the women with the saddest stories, especially those whose fistula repair surgeries were not successful. These women have little hope for a viable future.

The Aging Out of Foster Care Book is on Fire!

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Our Everybody Needs Someone book is on fire!  We only have about 50 copies left from the first run of the book. Buy it now and support our project so we can order another run! What happens when youth age out of the foster care system in the NYC area?  Everybody Needs Somebody takes a […]

A Family Found: Elijah’s Story


Not every foster child finds a family. The forgotten ones grow up alone in the faceless embrace of bureaucracy. Waiting and wishing, like runts in a litter of kittens staring hopelessly out of an emptying box. Elijah Callender is one of those people. Like the others, the state covered his eyes and clutched him tightly until his 21st birthday. Then it dropped him.

Purpose and Faith Give Krista Strength


Story by Mollie Neal Photography by Heather Walsh Krista spends her working hours tending to a woman with dementia in an assisted living facility. Like so many health-care aides, she is a nurturing soul. Some would call it ironic that this is her job. She spent most of her childhood being shuttled from one foster […]

Failing Is Not an Option: Richard’s Story


Story by Jim Sewastynowicz and Patricia Paine Photos by Jim Sewastynowicz Richard Wilkerson has no regrets about growing up in the foster care system. In fact, he believes that his experience as a teenager in various group homes has given him a powerful gift—one of understanding and connecting with people who also have hardships to overcome. […]

With Foster Care Just a Memory, Nefertiti Pursues Her Destiny


Photography by Amelia Coffaro Story by Vanessa Arriola Wide-eyed and smiling, 24-year-old Nefertiti is anxiously awaiting news from the Borough of Manhattan Community College. “I won’t hear back until March or April,” she says, struggling at times to get out the words, “but I can’t wait that long.” Nefertiti dreams of being a social worker […]

13 days to go! SGNYC Kickstarter Needs Your Help

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ONLY 13 days to go to raise $9,700 for the SalaamGarageNYC project Everybody Needs Someone, Aging-Out of Foster Care on Kickstarter. We love that already we have 69 donors and 802 “likes”. Crowdfunding is pretty cool and also pretty scary. But we need a lot more still to succeed.  Today we are adding new perks […]

Teddie’s Transience


Story and Photography by Moya McAllister Teddie is a 21 year old trans-gender youth with arresting, long-lashed sherry-brown eyes. Soft-spoken, with a nervous laugh, he favors illustrated cartoon-and-grafitti-style caps and clothes that blend into the area of Chelsea where we decide to meet. Kicked out of his mother’s home at the age of 14 by […]

Earning A College Degree is an Elusive Dream for Most Former Foster Youth: Renald’s Story


Story by Mollie Neal Photography by Heather Walsh Renald is a quiet, soft-spoken 22-year-old living in his first apartment and attending college. Adjusting to independence and adult responsibilities can be challenging for any young person, especially if there is no immediate family or mentor to turn to for guidance and support. Renald had a traditional […]

Latest NYC Meetup. Photo Editing Session for LICM Exhibition


The SalaamGarageNYC team was in full photo editing mode at the latest NYC Meetup.  We are getting ready for the Everybody Needs Someone, Aging-Out of Foster Care in NY Book and Exhibition.  It is hard work picking images and text from this adult project that explores what happens when youth age out of the foster […]

The Key to Independence: Dmitriy’s Story


Story by Mollie Neal Photography by Heather Walsh At 21, Dmitriy aged out of the foster care system on Long Island. While many young adults in the same situation are uneducated, unemployed and homeless, he has a high school diploma, a full-time job and an apartment to call home. Dmitriy‘s life has been fraught with […]

Sky’s the Limit: Andre’s Story


Story by Patricia Paine Photos by Matthew Furman Andre Carter is a friendly 21-year-old who masks his difficult upbringing with an offhand snicker. The details are foggy as he recounts his start in the foster care program. As early as Andre remembers, his father was responsible for him and his two younger brothers. But since […]