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Book On SALE Now!

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Everybody Needs Someone, The Aging out of Foster Care Project Book is nearly sold out.  Order your copy today and help us afford a second run! You can order our book through paypal by selecting the Buy Now button below. The book is 94 pages, 9″x12″. Funds raised through the sale of the book will […]

Brittny Updates & House Hunting


A few weeks ago we asked you to help us raise money for Brittny Boden, a 24 year old we profiled in our Aging out of Foster Care project. Brittny was in danger of becoming homeless when the rent on her subsidized apartment went up past market value. You came through for her, pitching in […]

A Family Found: Elijah’s Story


Not every foster child finds a family. The forgotten ones grow up alone in the faceless embrace of bureaucracy. Waiting and wishing, like runts in a litter of kittens staring hopelessly out of an emptying box. Elijah Callender is one of those people. Like the others, the state covered his eyes and clutched him tightly until his 21st birthday. Then it dropped him.

Failing Is Not an Option: Richard’s Story


Story by Jim Sewastynowicz and Patricia Paine Photos by Jim Sewastynowicz Richard Wilkerson has no regrets about growing up in the foster care system. In fact, he believes that his experience as a teenager in various group homes has given him a powerful gift—one of understanding and connecting with people who also have hardships to overcome. […]

With Foster Care Just a Memory, Nefertiti Pursues Her Destiny


Photography by Amelia Coffaro Story by Vanessa Arriola Wide-eyed and smiling, 24-year-old Nefertiti is anxiously awaiting news from the Borough of Manhattan Community College. “I won’t hear back until March or April,” she says, struggling at times to get out the words, “but I can’t wait that long.” Nefertiti dreams of being a social worker […]

Teddie’s Transience


Story and Photography by Moya McAllister Teddie is a 21 year old trans-gender youth with arresting, long-lashed sherry-brown eyes. Soft-spoken, with a nervous laugh, he favors illustrated cartoon-and-grafitti-style caps and clothes that blend into the area of Chelsea where we decide to meet. Kicked out of his mother’s home at the age of 14 by […]

Never Look Back: Brandon’s Story

Brandon by Hooman01

Photography By Robert Hooman Story by Brandon Kolin as told to Dimitra Kessenides “God doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle,” says Brandon Kolin, 27, a Brooklyn, New York-based dental surgery technician who wound up in foster care at age 8. “There’s something in every situation that you have to latch on to, whether […]

Stepping Stones to Independence, Fekri’s Journey

Fekri Kram in the Bronx

Story By Tommy Hallissey Photography by Bruce Byers Fekri from Bruce Byers on Vimeo. Without a word, Fekri’s disarming, toothy smile betrays the suffering he endured coming of age in the New York City foster care system. Those crooked pearly whites hide the agony of being sold into slavery in Tunisia at the age of […]